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                  1. CHINESE | ENGLISH
                      Company Introduction

                               Donggang City Tianhong Aquatic Foodstuff Co., Ltd Is a modern enterprise which mainly trades aquatic food in processing and selling. The company is located in Donggang, Liaoning¡ª¡ªa land of fish and rice with beautiful environment and pleasant climate. It is quite convenient in transportation and possesses rich aquatic resources.

                               After many years of accumulation, the company¡¯s second phase of expansion project began to break ground in 2014, which was put into manufacturing at the same year. After the expansion project, the factory covers an area of 27,000 square meters, whose construction area is 18,000 square meters. The company¡¯s area of processing workshops is 10,000 square meters and freezing capacity is 500 tons per day. Besides, the annual production and processing capacity can be up to 10,000 tons. The company has more than 30 years¡¯ experience in producing and processing clams. As a professional enterprise, the company is continuously devoted to the production and research in the field of clams. The main varieties are frozen or boiled clams, vacuum clams, raw clams, frozen fresh clams, blanching clams and other products and manufacture of clams.

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